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We are in our third, or maybe fourth week of dealing with the reality of COVID-19 in Canada. In the first few weeks, we were bombarded with information: wash your hands, use sanitizer, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, go out but be careful, don’t go out. The information was overwhelming and at times, hard to figure out what exactly we were supposed to be doing when it came to safety at work.

At Sova Canada, we are fortunate that most of what we do takes place at home but we’ve had to adapt a few (ok, more than a few) of our workshops to online delivery. That’s OK, adapting workshops to new delivery modes is what we do anyway. We’ve also been busy providing companies with the resources they need to ensure the safety of their workers.

So what’s next? It seems that we’re now in a new stage of the pandemic: the news continues to be more of the same – numbers are going up, worries continue and people are doing their best to adjust to the new reality. There are also some small glitters of hope: in BC, our numbers are going up just slightly more slowly than in other places. Winter is behind us and spring seems to have finally arrived. At Sova Canada, now that things are finally starting to adjust to a new rhythm, we are hard at work creating new online training programs: an online Joint Health & Safety Program that promises to be informative AND engaging; an online WHMIS program designed for workers with low English language levels, and maybe a few other little bits and pieces that will soon be available to you on this website.

If your company needs help developing a health & safety program or employee training, email us at info@sovacan.com.

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